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CrazyCap with a 17 oz vacuum stainless steel cola-style water bottle. CrazyCap is powered with advanced 10mW UVC LED by LG®. Sterilizes water on the go while automatically keeping your bottle clean. Prevents the growth of mold and bacteria in your bottle with this powerful chemical-free sterilization technology. With this smart bottle, you can ensure water safety like never before. 10% commission on all sales. Affiliates can signup at https://microlyscs.tapfiliate.com

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Website :
Launch Year: 2019
Product Rating: 4.2
Affiliate Rating: 3.6
Category: Tools
Alexa Ranking: 12,246,842
Phone Number: +1-833-MICRO-LY
Github Stars: 237
Github Forks: 94
Github Repos: 16
Github Watchers: 237
Twitter Followers: 27
Twitter Following: 100+
Twitter Statuses: 21
Twitter Favorites: 5k+

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Dr. Rakesh Guduru
Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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