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Innovative Wellness Affiliate Program

$7-$10 Per Sale

About Innovative Wellness

How does the Innovative Wellness Affiliate Program work? The Innovative Wellness Affiliate Program provides you with an income stream through commissions made on sales of Innovative Wellness products. You can promote Innovative Wellness products in a number of ways – the best method for you depends on your budget, the time you have to devote to your campaign, your knowledge of online marketing, and also your desired outcome. When a visitor clicks through to the Innovative Wellness site using your unique affiliate url a cookie is stored on their computer. Then, if the visitor buys from Innovative Wellness any time within the next 60 days you get paid a commission. It’s that easy! We continually optimize our site to ensure the best conversion rates, and all of Innovative Wellness products are priced competitively and discounted for our partners which increase the chance of conversion within those first 60 days.

Affiliate Program Benefits

  1. The Innovative Wellness Partner Program is free and easy to join
  2. We have tons of creative available to you: Banners and images in all the standard IAB sizes 4. Whether you have a website, blog, review articles, email lists, SEM, PPC (no direct linking), or a social media following, this program will work for you 5. Discount codes to entice potential customers – Up to 15% Off for Orders 6. All applications are manually reviewed by our staff 7. We have a dedicated affiliate manager waiting to help you make the most of our partnership What do you need to get started? A Paypal Account A love for CBD & Income Generation A platform to promote Innovative Wellness products

Innovative Wellness Affiliate Program Commissions

  • Tranquility 500mg legal limit THC – $10
  • Enlighten 500mg legal limit THC – $10
  • Restore 500mg legal limit THC – $10
  • Innovative Original CBD Hemp Oil 30ml 500mg – $10
  • Rich Terpenated CBD Balm 1 Oz. 250 Mg – $7
  • Rich Relax CBD Balm 1 Oz. 200 Mg – $7
  • Golden Nectar 1000mg- $7

Innovative Wellness Data

Website :
Launch Year: 2018
Product Rating: 4.4
Affiliate Rating: 3.7
Category: CBD
Alexa Ranking: 4,874,276
Phone Number: (773) 420-7994
Twitter Followers: 11
Twitter Following: 4
Twitter Statuses: 49
Twitter Favorites: 1

Innovative Wellness Leadership

Rahul Khare
Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Innovative Wellness Stats

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