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About Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that has grown from a startup to a globally used online platform. The Fiverr platform is currently an online marketplace that provides freelance professional services and opportunities to a number of online users who visit the platform on a daily basis. It offers online writing freelancing services, photography freelancing services, wildlife freelancing services among other professional services.

As a marketplace, the platform links users seeking freelancing jobs with prospective opportunities that are secured and assured. It on the other hand provides several companies, brands and startups with the best possible users who have credible resumes to work for them. This way, the platform provides two-way benefits to the users as well as companies, brands and start-ups that require the services of freelancers. So the freelancers can earn by carrying out basic freelance services while the brands, companies and start-ups enjoy increased productivity from services offered. On the issue of security, the platform ensures that individuals seeking freelancers are properly screened and verified, and users are made to provide resumes that showcase their credibility or otherwise for a freelancing job. Fiverr has gained widespread adoption in over 200 countries globally, providing gigs across various categories. There’s no limit to the amount you can make on the Fiverr platform.

Fiverr's Unique Features

  • Services starting at $5
  • A large number of gigs made available and updated daily
  • Over 100 unique categories made available
  • Available and used by users across over 200 countries of the globe
  • Security of services offered and services made available.

Fiverr's Referral Program

Fiverr’s referral program aims at rewarding users who carry on the good message of the platform to other users causing them to sign up to the platform. This referral program has been designed in such a way as to reward the new user and you that referred such user. So for every referral you make, you are able to earn yourself up to about 20% of your referral’s first purchase. This is so well designed because the new user you referred, is also getting up to a 20% discount on their first purchase also. For every referral bonus earned, you can cash out a month after, making use of either PayPal or Stripe. The referral program allows you as a user open up yourself to another stream of income asides what your creativity earns you on the platform.

Fiverr Data

Website :
Launch Year: 2010
Product Rating: 4.8
Affiliate Rating: 4.2
Category: Market Place
Alexa Ranking: 147
Phone Number:
Github Stars: 230
Github Forks: 36
Github Repos: 64
Github Watchers: 230
Twitter Followers: 261,763
Twitter Following: 1,689
Twitter Statuses: 19,556
Twitter Favorites: 1,450

Fiverr Leadership

Micha Kaufman
Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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