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About CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair, is a company founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2009 by Brett Meyers, Jonathan Potter, Sean Barret, and David Christian. They are an online Peer-to-Peer currency exchange marketplace. They have additional headquarters in the UK, Australia, Greece, Poland, and Singapore. CurrencyFair has 19 global currencies for international transfers. The money is in a marketplace that never gets exchanged across borders, but it rather stays in the country of its origin; thus avoiding any bank conversation fees. Funds are matched with another person with corresponding needs. A quote from the co-founder, Brett Meyers, “CurrencyFair is a peer to peer currency transfer service that empowers people to send money from their domestic bank account to their own, or a third party’s, foreign bank account up to 90% cheaper than they can using a bank or broker.” It’s also believed that most of their growth will occur over time from Asia. So in August of 2018, thee company came forth and announced a €20 Million investment plan into the Asia market and also the acquisition of a Hong Kong-based Convoy Payments.

CurrencyFair Data

Website :
Launch Year: 2009
Product Rating: 4.6
Affiliate Rating: 4.2
Category: Finance
Network: Impact
Alexa Ranking: 95k+
Phone Number:
Github Stars: 23
Github Forks: 20
Github Repos: 8
Github Watchers: 21
Twitter Followers: 5k+
Twitter Following: 1K+
Twitter Statuses: 10k+
Twitter Favorites: 3k+

CurrencyFair Leadership

Paul Byrne
Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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