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About Amazon

Amazon is an online shopping platform and cloud computing platform. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. It started out as an online book retailing company that functioned out of Jeff Bezos’ garage. Amazon tried its best to reach a worldwide audience by invoking people’s love for reading. Amazon started out with a meagre budget and a meagre premise, and worked its way to the top using what little resources it had.

SiteGround's Referral Program

Prompted by the restraints of their budget, they began their marketing online through the Amazon Affiliate program known as Amazon Associates. When it was launched in 1998, it started on a small scale and had to rely on books as their only product. Now, however, the products featured on Amazon are so vast and varied that their affiliate program has become much easier. It works on the basis of referrals. Sales made through referral award a commission to anyone who has helped make the sale. This serves as a profitable model for both Amazon and its affiliates who can make profits off of sale volumes.

Other features of the referral program

The pros of becoming an affiliate with Amazon are that it is free to join and Amazon has a credible and reliable reputation as far as ecommerce goes. In addition, it has such a diverse and extensive range of products that sales can be made at some point or the other for sure. This makes it a relatively easier affiliate program for people aiming to make a home-based income. However, the drawback is that the rate of commission is low. It starts from four percent and goes up to eight point five percent at most. This makes for meagre returns which can be compensated by the number of sales that can easily be made due to its vast product range.

Amazon Data

Website :
Launch Year: 1994
Product Rating: 4.8
Affiliate Rating: 4.6
Category :
Alexa Ranking: 12
Affiliate Rating: 5.0
Github Stars:11,246
Github Forks: 3,464
Github Repos: 86
Github Watchers: 11,246
Twitter Followers: 3,132,758
Twitter Following: 33
Twitter Statuses: 31,272
Twitter Favorites: 6,701

Amazon Leadership

Jeff Bezos
Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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