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About Agoda


Agoda is a huge company that is catered toward hotel bookings at greatly discounted prices. They were founded in 2005 and then acquired by, a company owned by Booking Holdings, Inc. in 2007. With over 2,000,000 vacation properties worldwide and providing service in over 38 languages and specializing in the best deals for business and vacation travels, Agoda is one of the biggest booking agencies in the world. They have many different departments in over 50 locations in more than 30 counties; from engineering to customer experience and they help make tools to be faster, smarter and more creative. Agoda employs over 3,900 employees and opens more and more positions by the day. Its headquarters reside in Singapore but the biggest office, with over 1000 employees, is in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2017 they had an estimated $1.2 Billion Dollars in revenue, which is a very conservative estimate. The current CEO is John Brown; appointed after Rob Rosenstein – a co-founder of Agoda, on June 1, 2018.

Agoda Data

Website :
Launch Year: 2005
Product Rating: 4.2
Affiliate Rating: 3.9
Category: Tools
Alexa Ranking: 511
Phone Number:
Github Stars: 1,322
Github Forks: 168
Github Repos: 33
Github Watchers: 1,322
Twitter Followers: 27,679
Twitter Following: 63
Twitter Statuses: 1,303
Twitter Favorites: 212

Agoda Leadership

John Brown
Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Agoda Stats

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